GEO Jobe Partners with Accelerate MS and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to Create GIS Support Training Program

Through a partnership between GEO Jobe, Accelerate MS, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, a 6-8 week non-credit training program for Tier 1 GIS support has been created. Through this training program, participants will receive specialized instruction in certification areas required by the GIS industry to provide Tier 1 support for GIS software and applications. Upon completion, participants are prepared for an entry-level position as a Tier 1 GIS help desk support technician.

The curriculum focuses on basic GIS concepts, entry-level mapping, visualization, and analysis along with the use and management of ArcGIS Online. This course was designed following the Esri GIS Fundamentals Foundation 2201 Certification Exam Information Guide, and incorporates some elements of the Esri GIS Fundamentals Foundation 2201 Learning Plan. Custom presentation videos and live online work sessions are also included in the curriculum, providing technical information about GIS data and application functionality.

Source: Esri Training

Students will take a deep dive into the use of ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online for visualization and analyses, and will be introduced to concepts of map navigation, display, attribute queries, and the use of geoprocessing tools. Another important concept shared with the students is how to search for and access geospatial information and tabular data. Additionally, the students are given instruction on sound business communication practices.

With the initial cohort of 10 students, the Canvas online learning management system will be used to share assignments, presentations, and communications through the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College’s account. This learning system is providing the students with a one stop shop for all course materials and communication with the instructor. At the time of this writing, it is currently the beginning of the third week, and GEO Jobe is pleased to have had 100% student participation, which presents an excellent metric for a course offered at no cost.

GEO Jobe is excited by this partner opportunity designed to support the development of the technical workforce in Mississippi, and particularly the MS Gulf Coast. David Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of GEO Jobe had the following to say about the program: 

“It has been my absolute pleasure to participate in the formation of GEO Jobe’s partnership with the MGCCC and Accelerate Mississippi. This program represents hope, opportunity, and potential growth for several members of our community. We look forward to the employment and bright futures of the graduates of this program.” 

The GIS Tier 1 Support training program is designed to be stood up when there is a need for workforce training, and ongoing curriculum development will continue to be refined with student feedback.

ArcGIS Pro Resources, Source: Esri

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