GEO Jobe Welcomes Pete George as Data Scientist/GeoAI Specialist

Pete George, Data Scientist/GeoAI Specialist

GEO Jobe is pleased to welcome Pete George as a Data Scientist/GeoAI Specialist. Previous to GEO Jobe, Pete was a Software Engineer at NAL Research Corporation and added embedded development to his tool set, working for an AGILE team contracted by the US Government and US Military for private geolocation services, satellite communication, and product development. He gained more knowledge and practice in data handling, extrapolation, interpolation, prediction, correction, and visualization. In addition to Pete’s experience, he has extensive knowledge in combining experience, data analytics, and data sciences. Pete brings to the team an eagerness for finding solutions that can be solved better every day with data science, AI, and ML/DL. 

Pete graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with his Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, with a specialization in Data Science, magna cum laude. In Artificial Intelligence, he has worked with various learning models and robust datasets from start to finish. In Machine Learning and Deep Learning, he has created pipelines to flow data into neural networks (aNNs), worked with regression models, classification, Kalman Filters, and activation functions. He also has specialization in Natural Language Processing, with project experience in scraping data to formulate data sets, perform word sense disambiguation and part of speech classification, and generate AI-driven responses. 

With Pete’s experience, education and skills, he will be a valuable member of GEO Jobe’s development team. GEO Jobe welcomes Pete to his new role as a Data Scientist/GeoAI Specialist and looks forward to his contributions to the company.  

“Pete’s impressive background and body of knowledge regarding data science and machine learning are invaluable to GEO Jobe’s long term expansion goals for GeoAI. GEO Jobe continues to grow as a geospatial industry leader on the subject of GeoAI. I can’t wait to announce even more growth in this arena.” -David Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, at GEO Jobe.

GEO Jobe is excited to see the team grow, year after year, with talented individuals. GEO Jobe continues to develop new approaches to aid others in the industry with their GIS needs. 

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