Q&A With Josh Ladnier, Support Technician

Here is a short Q & A with Support Technician, Josh Ladnier. Josh joined the GEO Jobe team in March of 2022 and is based out of our office in Gulfport, MS.

Josh Ladnier, Support Technician at GEO Jobe

Q: What is your job at GEO Jobe, and what does it entail?
A: My Title is that of a Support Technician under the Lead of Blake Bilbo. My primary function is to be the spokesperson for the client’s needs. The Support team takes the needs of our clients and translates that to the development team. Once the development team has a solution we translate that back to the client. This is the primary job duty of the support staff at GEO-Jobe.  

Q: What has your career path at GEO Jobe looked like and what attracted you to join the team?
A: I was exiting a great 20-year tenure in the casino world when I encountered the GEO-Jobe Family. My path in GEO-Jobe has helped me hone my customer service skill set into a more sophisticated tool to help our clients. I am seeking to one day move into the UAV field once I have a better grasp of the ArcGIS tool set. 

Josh and his wife at a New Years Day Concert

Q: What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position?
A: With my tenure in the high-octane world of the casinos has helped me build a useful skill set for interacting with clients above my paid grade. Often being able to talk to moguls of the business world in a manner they respect while getting them to act decently despite the egos they are burdened with. This customer-first skill set is what lead me to the Support Team. 

Q: What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?
A: The most useful talent for the Support Team is being able to translate what the client is saying into what they want within the limits and terms of our products. The refinement of this talent has been the key to performing my job duties for the Support Team.  

Q: Any advice for recent graduates entering the job market and aspiring to a similar role?
A: The one key point is to make sure you refresh yourself on acceptable office speech patterns. This is the most important skill a new graduate can focus on no matter what job every office has a proper way of conveying what to say and how to say it.   

Josh and his wife on a Las Vegas getaway and Josh Dress up for the Vampire Ball 2021

Q: What technologies and strategies do you use in your day-to-day work that are key to success?
A: Strangely the most important tool I use in my daily routine is Grammarly. Download it on day one! The function of this tool is like having an extra set of eyes to look over your wording to verify what you are converting to our clients. The often very technical speech can twist wording around in a way that can cost another company time and energy to fix. Grammarly double-checking on anything going out to a client is invaluable.  

Q: What would you like to learn more about or incorporate into your daily work?
A: How to convey the often very technical language to our clients in a way that can be understood very clearly with no possibility to be misunderstood. This is a skill I work on daily always striving to master this talent.   

Q: On a more personal side, do you have a favorite newspaper, magazine, blog, or source of inspiration?
A: I am very much a Geek at heart when I am not on the clock for the support team. I am the storyteller for three different WhiteWolf campaigns (Vampire the Masquerade, Exalted 1e, and Werewolf the Appoclaspe) at our local hobby shop Miles To Adventure. I devote considerable time to this endeavor on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday every week. 

Josh’s wife with their “new child” Squigy

Q: What kind of technology do you prefer and why? (Mac or PC, iOS or Android, and another cool tech)
A: Personally I could not function without my two IPads and my iPhone on a daily basis. I am forever juggling multiple tasks between different screens. When I have a free moment I am tinkering with my five Ender 3 3d printers into crafting something for one of my campaigns.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?
A: When I have a moment I strive to spend my free time with my wife. We go on day outings at least twice a month to see new things. She is studying to be a Psychology Major so when she has free time I seize it to spend time with her. This week, we just attended the New Year’s Day, The Warning, and Halestorm concert.

You can connect directly with Josh and the GEO Jobe team, via connect@geo-jobe.com.

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