The Power of Partnership: How GEO Jobe and Datastory Joined Forces


Datastory has discovered that visualizing data on maps and applying sophisticated GIS techniques to find hidden patterns in the data can assist the success of any organization. Using maps, they cure analytic blind spots to help businesses and communities discover their unique “Datastory”.

Datastory’s core business grew out of consulting, which allows them to identify their customers’ recurring needs. Datastory realized that creating custom solutions for their clients’ needs would extend their reach into multiple vertical markets.

With the help of GEO Jobe, Datastory has been able to grow their capabilities, streamline their offerings and provide standardized solutions. As a result, Datastory has seen revenue growth and increased the efficiency and focus of their internal resources.


Datastory was originally looking to build development capacities in-house. Upon meeting GEO Jobe at an Esri industry event, they felt a strategic alignment with GEO Jobe was a far better way to scale their offerings. Datastory is extremely aligned with Esri and the Esri Ecosystem of resources. In addition, Datastory felt it was essential to align with a team of developers where GIS was their core focus, not just another part of their skillset.

“GIS can be very complicated, and we needed a suitable partner who also understood the many nuances and opportunities of a true GIS-based approach.” – Matt Felton, President and Founder at Datastory.

The partnership between Datastory and GEO Jobe was a natural fit for both parties. GIS has always been GEO Jobe’s core focus, and we are extremely aligned with Esri and their ecosystem.

GEO Jobe and Datastory are proud to be a part of the Esri Partner Network


GEO Jobe has always been hyper focused on GIS. They do not take on projects in any other industry. They maintain a close relationship directly with Esri in order to stay on top of all emerging technologies. For this reason, Datastory chose to work with GEO Jobe, who is equally aligned and best positioned with Datastory’s needs to develop seamless, integrated, and effective solutions.

After partnering with GEO Jobe, Datastory was able to redirect their efforts to the skills they were most proficient at and eliminated less effective solutions by relying on GEO Jobe for their custom development skills. Essentially, Datastory’s time and money is far better invested by using the talent at GEO Jobe.

“GEO Jobe maintains a highly agile and skilled GIS development team, which puts us in a great position to work directly with partners such as Datastory. Together, we are able to develop solutions using creative problem solving and all available technologies. GEO Jobe has an extensive range of experience across multiple industries and workflows, which allows clients to feel secure and be able to focus their energy on other concerns.” – Eric Goforth, Director of Professional Services, Software Development.

In addition, GEO Jobe has been able to draw on the experience gained from their portfolio of custom solutions in order to provide reasonable and affordable estimates for Datastory’s projects.


Working with GEO Jobe enables Datastory to integrate solutions into an intuitive, adaptive, and powerful platform that can be easily scaled and applied to multiple verticals for clients of any size. As a result, Datastory has seen revenue growth, and their internal resources are far more efficient and focused.

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