The Work From Home Multiplier

COVID changed everything. It’s been said, and repeated. Many of us left the office, some of us returned, some of us will return, and some won’t. Dozens of articles have been published on why work from home (WFH) is a negative to companies, and likewise for positive articles. They all treat it as a value to be added or subtracted from some bottom line equation. While there might be some truth to how it affects the bottom line, it’s not so clear.

The Standard Spiel

WFH has most definitely increased flexibility for millions of workers. It saves money and time in commutes, and lowers your carbon footprint. At the same time, the articles talking about some of the negatives outline lack of team cohesion, lack of whiteboard sessions and interoffice communication, and employee laziness. There’s also less distractions in the office, that much I can speak from absolute (anecdotal) truth, as I battle an infant to write this. There are entire posts on these positives and negatives. Dozens, as I mentioned. Overall, WFH employees have been proven to be happier at their jobs, which makes sense. Less commutes, less gas used, more money in pocket, more time with family, at the cost of potential cohesion. The truth is there is no value of “it is a benefit” or “it is a negative”, unless you’re hiring WFH employees to do your construction, that is.

By the way, you’re not even clocked in while sitting in this!

The Truth

WFH will affect you proportionally to how you staff your company. Hard workers will work harder. Lazy workers will work lazier. It’s a multiplier. From my experience, most people are really good workers at heart, with good morals and solid work ethic. I’ve also seen a coworker at a previous job, with years of experience in the tech field, go from a solid ticket turnover rate to as low, or lower, than newly hired juniors. It has become more critical than ever to correctly scout potential, and truly feel how a person is going to fit in at your company. This provides a new opportunity for employees to invest in people from all over the world, improving diversity and options, and expanding the range of experiences obtainable.  


WFH is a newly standardized tool, when properly applied to the correct people, your team will thrive, happiness will abound, and the magic will happen. Team cohesion can be maintained, through proper management and digital communications just as successfully as if they were in person. There are both new challenges, and new opportunities to gain. For all the workers out there, I leave you with a motto I like to instill into others : Do what you can. Set your boundaries and schedule, and communicate as often as you can. It doesn’t mean being perfect, working infinitely, or being present all of the time. The difference is being able to miss meetings or hours for events that would’ve taken the whole day, being present for early meetings, and taking an early day when needed and appropriate. Do what you can for your company, but remember to do what you can for you and your family as well.

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