GEO Jobe Announces Relationship with Mississippi Coding Academy

From left to right, Danny Menikheim,Vice President of Operations at GEO Jobe, Andrew Stamps, Director – MS Coding Academy at Innovate MS, Bobby Gillon, Business and Economic Development, & David Hansen, CEO at GEO Jobe

GEO Jobe is pleased to announce a second donation to the Mississippi Coding Academy. These funds will be allocated to support efforts and technology for their expanded second cohort of students. The first class graduated in August of 2022, and GEO Jobe has recently hired two graduates. GEO Jobe looks forward to seeing the talent that comes out of the second class and wishes them success in their chosen career paths. 

This second investment on behalf of GEO Jobe symbolizes the continued support of a mutually beneficial relationship to not only GEO Jobe but the future of graduating students from the MS Coding Academy. GEO Jobe and the Mississippi Coding Academy want to equip students with the skills they need to begin a career as successful software developers in Mississippi.

“The relationship we have cultivated with the MS Coding Academy has been fantastic. The coding academy has been doing great work to prepare its students to secure great jobs with the skills they are learning. GEO Jobe is proud of the work we have done together with the MS Coding Academy and has been pleased with the results. We look forward to continuing that relationship in the future.” Danny Menikheim, Vice President of Operations at GEO Jobe

GEO Jobe is excited to see the Mississippi Code Academy and its students succeed with an organization full of talented individuals. GEO Jobe believes in community development and will continue to explore new approaches to aid others in the industry with their needs. 

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For more information about sponsoring, partnering with, or attending the MS Coding Academy please visit their website at or contact Patrick Mame directly at

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