GEO Jobe Is Awarded the ArcGIS Hub Specialty

GEO Jobe is proud to announce they have been awarded the ArcGIS Hub Specialty Designation by Esri. The addition of this Specialty to GEO Jobe’s repertoire represents the continual growth of GEO Jobe’s extensive portfolio of services and product offerings and is yet another example of the expanded collaboration between itself and Esri. As a holder of the ArcGIS Hub Specialty, GEO Jobe can apply their knowledge and expertise to help you leverage existing data and technology, work with both internal and external stakeholders, and build bridges between government departments and communities. GEO Jobe is ready to transform how you engage and collaborate with your community using ArcGIS Hub and our other offerings.

One of GEO Jobe’s favorite features of ArcGIS Hub are the initiatives that allow an organization to order users and content around a particular project while promoting community engagement. Esri has made initiative templates for common policy issues like increasing community pride or project feedback. If the existing templates do not meet an organization’s needs, GEO Jobe can assist in creating custom templates for reuse or to better share common initiative content. These initiatives will allow organizations to have dedicated pages with solutions for the topics that matter most in their prospective community.

GEO Jobe has an extensive and ongoing partnership with Esri. Recently, GEO Jobe was also awarded Gold Level Partner status, having previously been Silver. In a long running tradition, GEO Jobe will be exhibiting at the 2020 Esri User’s Conference being held virtually this year. They look forward to meeting with each of their over 7,000 global customers online at this year’s Esri User’s Conference.

“I am so proud of our team’s work related to attaining our ArcGIS Hub Specialty from Esri. We couldn’t ask for a better team of subject matter experts to serve our customers and represent the GEO Jobe brand. Technology based on Esri’s ArcGIS Platform is core to every single thing that we do at GEO Jobe. Accordingly, this specialty designation further recognizes our team’s expertise.”  – David Hansen, Chief Executive Officer

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