Esri Disaster Response Program Supports Communities Impacted by Flooding

With a number of communities experiencing damage and subsequent flooding from the recent hurricane (Florence), it’s useful to remember Esri has a Disaster Response program where you can request assistance and additional support. Community organizations, technologists, and others have made data, maps, and web apps available to the public through this platform.


Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Maps and Useful, Public Information Webmaps

There’s many maps, webmaps and web resources available online to support the response to Hurricane Irma. These range for traffic maps, evacuation routes, shelter locations, wind speed and direction information and much more. The GeoTech community and many organizations are putting together these fine resources in order to inform the public and keep people safe.


esri disaster response resources

Esri Supporting and Helping Agencies Respond to #flooding Disaster – Get Access to Software and Data

A reminder to agencies, organizations, non-profits, consultants and other GIS professionals who are involved in the response to natural disasters such as wildfires and the more recent flooding and hurricane that has impacted Texas and surrounding areas. Esri is prepared to support those who are responding and supporting agencies with GIS, mapping related services and […]