Digital Storytelling With StoryMaps

Stories are powerful; they can advocate for change, influence opinion, and create awareness. ArcGIS StoryMaps are web-based applications that allow you to tell your story by integrating maps, data, pictures, videos, and other media in one place. StoryMaps are my favorite ArcGIS product due to their versatility and ability to augment storytelling through the addition […]


Fire Situation Awareness

Dashboards Provide Real-Time Situational Awareness About Raging Wildfires

Getting accurate, timely, and useful information and data about current emergencies like the raging wildfires in the West can be a challenge. After all, there’s many agencies including local, state, and federal governments, volunteer orgs, and other responding agencies that are all providing websites, blogs, webmaps, tweets, and other information to the public. Making sense […]