GEO Jobe Q&A With Timothy Michael, Sr. Solution Engineer

GEO Jobe has been serving our clients and partners since 1999, but you may not be too familiar with all the faces behind the scenes that make our company awesome! Recently, Timothy (Tim) Michael returned to GEO Jobe (yes, we were fortunate to have Tim here a few years ago) as the latest team member to join our rapidly growing team.

Timothy (Tim) Michael

GEO Jobe has kicked off 2019 with plenty of momentum carrying over from an awesome and very busy 2018. With that has come continued growth of the company along with several new hires. Tim is an important addition to the enterprise team, assisting in developing and expanding upon our world-class GEO products, cloud solutions, and managed services.

Enjoy this short Q & A with Tim who works with our enterprise solutions team out of his Pennsylvania-based office. We are pleased to have Tim with us once again!

Q: Tim, what is your role at GEO Jobe?

A: I am a Senior Solution Engineer, and I work with GEO Jobe enterprise GIS customers and GEO Jobe’s managed service infrastructure.

Q: What is your educational background?

A: Bachelor of Science in Geography from Slippery Rock University (2005), Postbaccalaureate Certificate in GIS, Penn State University (2009).

Q: What were you up to before life at GEO Jobe?

A: Over the course of my career I have primarily worked in the consulting realm, first with GEO Jobe from 2010-2014, then with a GIS startup and engineering firm near Pittsburgh, PA from 2014-2019. From 2005-2010, I held positions in the local government and private sectors.

Q: Can you share what attracted you to join the GEO Jobe team again?

A: Since leaving to pursue other opportunities in 2014 I had kept in touch with a number of my former colleagues at GEO Jobe and would take the opportunity to catch up with them whenever we would cross paths. It seemed that the timing worked out this year – I was once again looking for a new opportunity and GEO Jobe was looking to add additional staff to the Enterprise group. After talking with a few people inside the company it sounded like exciting things were happening and I was happy to accept the offer to return.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

A: I enjoy doing projects around the house, trying out basic woodworking projects, and spending time with my daughter. As the weather here in Pittsburgh starts to change, I’ll get back to trail running and working in the yard.

Q: Do you have a favorite newspaper or blog?

A: I still follow a number of blogs, typically GIS or technology related. I would say that some of my favorites are FlowingData, Fuzzy Tolerance, Signal v. Noise, Tom MacWright, geoMusings and the GEO Jobe blog (of course).

Q: Which programming language(s) are mostly of interest to you? If you were to learn a new language or technology for your job what would it be?

A: On the GIS side I typically use Python, for Windows administration I like using PowerShell, and the thing I would most like to learn and use more is SQL.

Q: What kind of technology do you prefer and why? (Mac or PC, iOS or Android, and other cool tech)

A: Aside from a few years in elementary school where we had Apple PC’s in the classroom (remember the Apple IIgs?), I’ve always used Windows-based computers at home and work. I personally prefer iOS-based phones and tablets, but keep an Android tablet around so I can use and test apps on that platform as well.

Q: If you weren’t in the career that you are right now what could you imagine yourself doing?

A: It’s hard to say, since I’ve been in the GIS realm since the beginning of my professional career. If it weren’t for mapping I think I would have gone into a field with an environmental or fieldwork component, or something in a traditional IT role.

Q: As far as technology and tech interest go, can you list several hashtags of interest that you would follow on social media sites?

A: I don’t typically follow specific hashtags. On twitter I tend to follow colleagues, people in the mapping industry, technologists, and of course the @dog_rates account.

Q: Is there one or two things on your desk or in your office that you absolutely couldn’t do without?

A: I tend to keep my workspaces sparse, so there’s not much on my desk beside what I need for the day. I do like having a Yeti mug to keep my drink warm, and I have an Amazon Echo in my office that I use to stream music and talk radio during the day.

Thank you, Tim for sharing!

You can connect directly with Tim on Twitter @tjmichael81 and connect with the GEO Jobe development team via connect @ or @geojobegis on Twitter. Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on our Career Section for opportunities as we continue to grow our team.

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