UAV Vertical Asset Inspection: Techniques and Benefits

Vertical assets such as communications, tall buildings, or water towers are difficult and dangerous to inspect. For this reason, UAV technology is quickly becoming the preferred method of vertical asset inspection.  Three primary reasons UAV inspections are becoming prominent are safety, time savings, and superior documentation; these are just some of the immediate benefits we […]


operations dashboard for arcgis

Florida Power Outages – Gain Situational Awareness with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Operations Dashboard (Beta) for ArcGIS is a powerful solution for enterprise users to provide a common view of the systems and resources you manage. Using the dashboard, the user can create intelligent, focused executive dashboards that integrate maps, charts, and graphs. Esri recently pushed out a view using the dashboard to share the status of […]


WWUD contours

News – West Wilson Utility District Turns to GEO Jobe for UAV Data Capture & Orthophoto Updates

Local governments, utilities, and facility managers have a new resource at their disposal to help keep their GIS land base current and up to date while also saving money. Our latest news release shares details of a UAV orthophoto update project for West Wilson Utilities District, Wilson County. The project has resulted in significant cost […]