2023: Mapping the Milestones 

As GEO Jobe enters its 25th year of operation in 2024, one word best represents this past year in the company’s history: growth. The company has seen continued growth and expansion over the past 25 years, but in 2023, GEO Jobe experienced some of its greatest milestones yet. 

Per tradition, we are taking a moment to reflect and underscore the noteworthy happenings and changes our company has experienced in the past year. It was a year marked with a new level of partnership with Esri; the development of a new ArcGIS application; expansion of our Support division; a series of enhanced product updates; ongoing community outreach and charitable donations; several conferences; and the largest staff onboarding to date.

Leveling Up in the Esri Partner Network

One of the biggest achievements for GEO Jobe in 2023 was becoming an Esri Platinum Partner, the highest level in the Esri Partner Network (EPN). GEO Jobe has been an active Esri partner for 22 years, advancing from Silver to Gold before achieving Platinum. Partners receive increasing benefits at each tier to align with their degree of commitment to Esri and their customers.

The EPN comprises organizations worldwide that Esri trusts to provide content, solutions, and services to customers using the latest GIS and Esri technologies. There are approximately 3,000 organizations in the EPN, with GEO Jobe becoming the 17th to attain Platinum. Becoming a Platinum Partner represents GEO Jobe’s commitment and alignment with the global industry leader.

Introducing Scheduler for ArcGIS

Another major achievement for GEO Jobe was the development of its latest addition to the ABCs of GIS, with Scheduler for ArcGIS. Like all of our company’s products, the concept of Scheduler was driven by GEO Jobe’s mission to simplify the power of GIS with our customers in mind. Scheduler is a powerful tool that enables users to customize and automate the otherwise time-consuming tasks associated with managing an ArcGIS® Organization.

By combining multiple tools and workflows, Scheduler allows users a greater variety of options for managing geospatial content than ever before. Additionally, Scheduler allows users to create tasks that are more responsive, giving them more control over what happens in their ArcGIS Organizations by leveraging webhooks. For a full list of features and capabilities, click here.

Expanding to Support Customers 24/7

GEO Jobe expanded its support division to meet the demand for its suite of ArcGIS® applications and solutions, and the need for other companies and organizations to access qualified Support professionals. Now its own division, GEO Jobe Support, is available with our products and as an individual service offering comprised of qualified and dedicated Esri-trained Support Technicians.

Aside from providing around-the-clock service through its 24/7 U.S.-based Tech Support, GEO Jobe’s Support division also offers Enhanced Support, including Surge Support and Managed Services, allowing other organizations the ability to provide support for their customers through GEO Jobe’s team.

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

Along with adding to our suite of ArcGIS products and expanding current services, GEO Jobe released a series of updates for all of its preexisting products. Thanks to user feedback, these updates included enhanced usability with new features, improved functionality, and bug fixes. 

The following are updates released in 2023:

User feedback is key in focusing our efforts on new updates and bug fixes. Have an idea for new functions you’d like to see? Or maybe a question about a workflow or process? Reach out to us through chat support on our website or at connect@geo-jobe.com.

Building a Better Community, One Donation at a Time 

At GEO Jobe, community is priceless. We are proud to be able to give back through community partnerships and charitable contributions, including tech, education, and human services. Last year, we were able to continue our legacy of giving through a variety of efforts.

GEO Jobe sponsored the Gulfport High School’s Team Fusion Robotics team #364. This was GEO Jobe’s second time sponsoring the team, allowing them to continue to grow in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

GEO Jobe presents a check to Team Fusion Robotics team

Continuing its passion for education, GEO Jobe also sponsored the West Elementary School 4th Grade Robotics Team, who went on to compete and win 1st Place in the State for Skills (pictured below).

Additionally, the company sponsored the Vancleave Youth Football and Cheer League (not pictured).

GEO Jobe served as a Titanic Sponsor for Lynn Meadows Discovery Center’s annual Boogie Night fundraiser. Members of the GEO Jobe team were in attendance to celebrate the nonprofit children’s museum’s 25 years of fun and interactive learning. Proceeds from the fundraiser supported exhibits and programming for both the museum and the Center’s WINGS Performing Arts Program. Learn more about Lynn Meadows Discovery Center at lmdc.org.

Another community organization GEO Jobe began partnering with in 2023 is MISSISSIPPI Heroes in support of their Ramp It Up Program. The program is dedicated to building wheelchair ramps for seniors and physically challenged citizens throughout Mississippi. MISSISSIPPI Heroes is a 501c3 with a mission to celebrate family, professional, and community caregivers. Learn more about the program at mississippiheroes.org

Before/After a recent ramp project by MISSISSIPPI Heroes. The project was inspired by the Biloxi Police Department, which identified the need.

Connecting and Networking at Conferences 

GEO Jobe’s leadership and team members enjoy connecting with customers and peers within the GIS community during conferences throughout the year. In 2023, the team attended—and, in most cases, sponsored—numerous conferences. 

These included:

On the local front, Team GEO Jobe had a great time presenting, connecting, and networking at the Mississippi Geospatial Conference in October. The conference, hosted by the Mississippi Association for Spatial Technologies (MAST), was held at The University of Southern Mississippi in Long Beach! A special moment, in particular, was when our CEO and MAST President David Hansen honored his longtime mentor and local geospatial pioneer Kevin Schultz with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive career and dedication to the GIS industry. Kevin is a founding member of MAST. Several GEO Jobe staff members presented on various GIS topics.

Growing Our Team to Serve Yours

Another exciting, and perhaps most notable, sign of GEO Jobe’s growth as a company has been the explosive increase in our staff over the past 12 months. From 2022 through the end of 2023, our company experienced a 71% increase in employee growth—the highest staff onboarding in a single year since the birth of our business.

In conjunction with this increase in personnel, there were many promotions across the company. In the Operations division, Danny Menikheim was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Tiffany Brown was promoted to Director of Operations. In Marketing, Jonah Taylor was promoted to Marketing Manager.

In Products & Services, Eric Goforth was promoted to Chief Technology Officer, and Christian Patton to Director of Professional Services. Jose Arias stepped into the role of Deputy Director of Software Services. 

Within the newly expanded Support division, Courtney Menikheim was promoted to Chief Support Officer, while Josh Ladnier became Director of Support. Also in Support, Mike Brown took on the mantle of Deputy Director of Support. 

Randee Miller was promoted to Deputy Director of GIS Services. And finally, GEO Jobe added its first external C-Suite executive, Michael Roberson, as Chief Technology Innovation Officer.

Turning the Page to a New Chapter

As we wrap this walk down memory lane, we want to take a moment to say a special thanks to you, our customers, blog subscribers, and friends for your continued support and interest in GEO Jobe’s offerings, geospatial insights, and growth. We look forward to another trip around the sun with our 10,000+ clients all over the globe, and another chapter of milestones and celebrations in 2024.

Jonah Taylor headshot

Marketing Manager

Jonah is the Marketing Manager at GEO Jobe. As a career multimedia storyteller and strategic communications expert in digital and print mediums, he is dedicated to growing the organization's brand awareness and building a bridge between company and customer. In his downtime, Jonah enjoys exploring the outdoors, podcasting with his best friend, and playing hide and seek with his quirky and lovable pup Messer.