What’s New in Admin Tools v2.1.2?

This week, GEO Jobe is releasing a new version of their flagship product, Admin Tools for ArcGIS. We’ve taken user suggestions for new and improved functionality and built an even better solution for you. Want to see what’s new? Read on to find out!

New Features

Find / Replace Web Maps Item ID

When you publish content to your ArcGIS Organization, it is assigned a unique Item ID. Anything that references that item will use its Item ID behind the scenes. The Find / Replace Web Maps Item ID allows you to update those references from one item to another. This can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as if you accidentally delete an item and create recreate it, or if you want to keep an item and mark it as deprecated but have a new replacement that’s authoritative.

Example of Find / Replace Web Maps Item IDs

Update Administrative Contacts

Administrative Contacts are the administrators who are the main point of contact for an ArcGIS Organization. They receive the information about organization member accounts as well as information like the subscription status for the ArcGIS Organization. As companies grow and change over time, the people they need as their Administrative Contacts may change as well. The Update Administrative Contacts tool gives you a simple way to update those individuals.

Update Editing Capabilities for Feature Layers

With this new tool, you can set what level of editing is available for feature layers. Want to allow people to add new points of interest but not delete old ones? Not a problem! Should editors be able to edit the attributes to help make features more accurate? You can do that!

Control how Editors can interact with your Feature Layers


  • Add Tags to Item: custom tag generator in tag options
  • Add Tags to Groups: custom tag generator in tag options
  • Add Tags to Users: custom tag generator in tag options
  • View Item Dependencies: Export to CSV for workflow tool
  • Improvements to Force Delete
  • More options for filter by CSV
  • Added item ID, group ID, and item content status to selectable columns for tables
  • Added StoryTeller user type for filtering

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for status issue with Reindex Portal Searches
  • Fix for issue affecting saved filters
  • Fix for register services without token
  • Delete Items: fixed batch processing for a large number of deletes of the same user
  • Filters: Fixed bug with between dates filter
  • View Item Dependencies: fix for layers in layers property that is not a group layer

How to Get the Update

If you use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online connectors (free or paid), the updates are already live. If you don’t see any of the new features, your webpage may be cached. Clear the cache and hard refresh the webpage to see the changes.

If you use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Enterprise connectors, you can check your version number in the lower left corner of the application. If you are using an older version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS, contact us to request an updated build.

If you don’t have Admin Tools for ArcGIS and would like to try it out, you can find Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online connectors in the ArcGIS Marketplace. If you’d like a copy of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Enterprise connector or a demo of the product, please reach out to our sales team for assistance.

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