Admin Tools for ArcGIS 2.1.3 Out Now

Earlier this month, we released an update to Admin Tools for ArcGIS. In the last six months, we’ve been busy building new tools, polishing existing ones, and fixing some minor bugs. Read on to find out what’s changed and how to make sure your version is up-to-date!

New Features

Update Stored Credentials

When customers contact us to request a new feature, it gets recorded in an internal system. As we lay out the roadmap for our product updates, we review those requests. A popular one has been a way to update the stored credentials in registered services. With Admin Tools for ArcGIS v 2.1.3, we’re happy to say we’ve got you covered! Check out how simple it is below:

  • Screenshot of Admin Tools for ArcGIS. The first step of the "Update Items' Store Credentials" tool is open. A table displays items that are registered feature services. Three are selected.
  • Screenshot of Admin Tools for ArcGIS. The second step of the "Update Items' Stored Credentials" tool is open. There is a prompt for the new username and password the items will use. A guide at the top of the page indicates the next step is to confirm what has been input, then the tool is run.

Export Items by Client ID (App ID)

Many of the people who use our products utilize OAuth2 for managing security and controlling the access to their data. One of the things we noticed is sometimes someone knew their client ID (ArcGIS Online) or app ID (ArcGIS Enterprise), but didn’t know which item it went to. This is a challenge when something about that item needs to be updated. To help address this, we built a new tool in Admin Tools for ArcGIS. This tool takes a list of client / app IDs (separated by commas), and looks up the corresponding item in your ArcGIS Organization for you.

  • Screenshot of Admin Tools for ArcGIS. The Export Items by Client ID (App ID) tool is selected. The first screen has a text input. Two client ids have been entered, separated by a comma. There is a button underneath the input labelled "check". Underneath this button, a grey box displays the text "Found 2 items matching the input Client IDs. Click the Next button to view." The Next Button is on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Screenshot of Admin Tools for ArcGIS. The Export Items by Client ID (App ID) tool is selected. The second screen displays a table of items that have client ids from the list on the previous screen. Since there were two client ids, there are two items. One is "OAuthApp". The other is "OAuth2 Example Item". Various fields containing additional information about these items are displayed in the table. Each one also has a dropdown menu that offers various options, including the ability to open that item in the ArcGIS Organization. There are "Next" and "Previous" buttons below the table.

View and Edit the JSON for Users and Groups in Their Respective Tables

Admin Tools for ArcGIS has supported viewing and editing the JSON for items for a long time. With this update, we are happy to bring that same functionality to Users and Groups. Any time you are viewing a table with Users or Groups displayed, you can click on the dropdown arrow and select “View / Edit User Info” or “View / Edit Group Info” to display the appropriate JSON. The modal window that appears contains a text editor, where you can make changes to your users and groups, as appropriate.

Screenshot of the "View / Edit Group Info" modal. A text editor displays the JSON information for a group, including its id, title, and various other properties.
You can now edit the JSON information for Groups (and Users) in Admin Tools for ArcGIS!

Additional New Tools

Those are only three of the new tools in Admin Tools for ArcGIS! This update saw a number of new tools, and, while we don’t have space to explore them all in-depth, I would like to at least mention the others. Be sure to explore the tools below when you have a chance.

  • New Tool: Export Items by Item Details Text
  • New Tool: Export Items by Data JSON Text
  • New Tool: Find / Replace Web Maps Layer Names
  • New Tool: Export Web AppBuilder Widgets to CSV

If you have any questions or ideas for new features, feel free to reach out to us via our 24/7 support!


  • Browse Roles and Privileges and Export Roles and Privileges to CSV
    • Improved the accuracy of privileges returned for built-in roles
    • Added the option to export the table with “plain English” privilege labels by clicking Download Table
  • Filters
    • Added a new filter for “categories contains”
    • Added text to clarify which filters are exact or partial
  • View Item Dependencies: Added service URL to the export to CSV (both the tool and the one in the search table menu)
  • Migrate Users: Added the ability to bulk import source and target users from CSV
  • Thumbnail Generator: Added the ability to change the name of a saved template
  • Added check for whether the AT user is a native admin, and if not, a warning message will display on every page.
  • Server: Improved cache error handling
  • Added custom mail support for Azure OAuth2 Delegated permissions
  • Export to CSV/JSON: Clarification on lastAccessed field
  • Export Items to CSV: Added origin field
  • Export Items: Added Client ID as an optional field
  • Copy Items: Update item URL by replacing the original item ID with the new item ID
  • Exporting
    • Added the built-in “Administrator” and “Publisher” roles as options for the Export Roles tool
    • Export Web Maps by Service CSV now allows you to target a specific string for identifying the services
    • Added support for Web Experiences to the Export to JSON tool
Decorative image
Rise to new heights with Admin Tools for ArcGIS. Image Source.

Bug Fixes

  • Thumbnail Generator
    • Fix for a saved template with an item thumbnail set to use current thumbnail defaulting to generate new
    • Better support for thumbnails that use projections other than Web Mercator
    • Better support for size variation in thumbnails
    • Fix for existing thumbnail in template
  • Users
    • Added additional parameters for client-side calls when creating a new user
    • Better support for importing users from CSVs
    • Migrating Users now supports migrating licenses and app bundles with the users
    • Better support for updating user roles when migrating users
  • Filters
    • Improvements to “Any of” filter
    • Modifying a saved owner folder filter no longer causes a blank page
    • Improvements to text input for groups filters
    • Improvements to CSV filters
  • View Item Dependencies
    • Fix for when AT attempts to render dependencies before they are cached
    • Improvements to finding dependencies for ArcGIS Dashboards
    • Shows dependencies, even if they are not searchable in regular interface
  • Server
    • Better stability for server-side caching
    • Fix for IIS index.html URL routing
  • Other
    • Better detection of map service URLs in Export Web Maps by Service URL tool
    • Improvements to loading groups in Invite Users to Groups tool
    • Fix for updating tags on content without existing tags
    • Improvements to reassigning items when utilizing Copy Items tool
    • Better support for loading connectors when leveraging cookie-based logins to the product
    • The Last Viewed property will no longer display “NaN” if the content has never been viewed
    • Resolved “item is inaccessible” error for Copy Items tool
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At GEO Jobe, our customers are part of our team. Your feedback and requests shape the future of our products, including Admin Tools for ArcGIS. Image Source.

How to Get the Update

If you use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online connectors (free or paid), the updates are already live. If you don’t see any of the new features, your webpage may be cached. Clear the cache and hard refresh the webpage to see the changes.

If you use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Enterprise connectors, you can check your version number in the lower left corner of the application. If you are using an older version of Admin Tools for ArcGIS, contact us to request an updated build.

If you don’t have Admin Tools for ArcGIS and would like to try it out, you can find Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online connectors in the ArcGIS Marketplace. If you’d like a copy of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Enterprise connector or a demo of the product, please reach out to our sales team for assistance.

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