Admin Tools 2.1 is live!

Earlier this year, we rebuilt one of our flagship products from the ground up to deliver a better, more reliable user experience. Now, we’ve updated Admin Tools again. Read on to find out what’s new and improved!

New Features

Customer feedback features heavily into how we design, build, and expand our products. Some of the new tools available in this version of Admin Tools include:

  • Export Feature Layer Field Domains (CSV)
  • Update Export Data for Feature Layers
  • Update Field Domains for Feature Layers
  • Update Groups User Roles
Quickly set the User Roles for members in your group – great for team projects or classrooms
  • Add App Bundles to Users
  • Remove App Bundles from Users


In addition to adding new features, this update of Admin Tools offers a number of improvements. Some are functionality-related, while others are speed and performance driven.

  • Added filtering for content that satisfies all or some filters (AND/OR)
The ‘Filter Method’ now supports ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ selections
  • Added filtering by Group ID
  • Export Items to CSV: Added field for ‘Last Updated’
  • Initial loader for Admin Tools
  • Improvements to view item dependencies performance
  • Added ‘Category’ to list of viewable fields
  • Faster processing for results tables
  • Speed improvement for exporting to CSV

Bug Fixes

  • Export Web Maps by Service URL: Remove case sensitivity for URLs
  • Fix for Import User from CSV when creating a user with IDP Username
  • Fix for Update Domains imports
  • Fix for Update Description tool
  • Fix for Item Copy user selection
  • Fix for category filter and array sort
  • Fix for non-licensed error messaging
  • Move and Copy Items: Added Option to create new folder
  • Improvements to Add Items to Group Tool
  • Delete User: Removes App Bundles from user when deleting them
  • and more

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