Multi-Rotor vs. Fixed Wing UAV Platforms: Considerations for Evaluating Capabilities and Limitations

Using the correct equipment is critical to the success of any project. UAV projects are no different, knowing how to select the best tool for each specific application is fundamental to efficient data collection. We use both multi-rotor and fixed wing UAV equipment, depending on project goals and constraints. Below are some considerations for selecting […]


It’s about the data

Working in the UAV world isn’t always about the drone. In fact, the drone is only one piece of a single stage of an accurate high resolution mapping workflow. This blog will outline various stages of the GEO Jobe UAV process. It will then highlight one example of the final stages by focusing on extracting […]


2020 Vision

What will the World Be like by 2040 for GIS Professionals? In 2020 we have seen how GIS has become absolutely ingrained in how the modern world works and operates. In another 20 years, what will GIS technology or the world for GIS professionals be like for them? We asked members of our team at […]


Drones: That Sounds Fun!

“You get to play with drones all day?! That sounds fun! I want your job!” If you are in any subset of the drone industry, you have more than likely heard this at trade shows, conferences, Thanksgiving dinner, or while checking out at Trader Joe’s. (Occasionally the friendly chit-chat actually goes beyond “Oh, good choice! […]


3d model creation from uav data

GEO Jobe UAV Services – Producing 3D Campus Models and Digital Orthophoto Updates

GEO Jobe is pleased to share that we offer high resolution low altitude orthophotography services (see and, optionally,  hosting options via the  GeoPowered Cloud. As part of our services, we are providing orthophoto planimetric mapping products including small area rectified mosaics, digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), and 3D models as well […]


GPS Data Collection

Accuracy vs. Precision: The Target Analogy for GPS and GNSS Users

Accuracy vs. Precision:  The Target Analogy by Mark Young provides a quick reference that explains the differences.  Accuracy is the degree of truth while in some contexts precision may mean the degree of replication or the objects “reproducibility.” The analogy below is used to explain the difference between accuracy and precision by comparing three targets that were […]