Leave the Driving to GIS

Image designed by Freepik  Having grown up on a healthy diet of cartoons and sci-fi shows, I have always been anxiously waiting for the things I saw on the screen or read in a book to make their way into my everyday life. The Jetsons promised flying cars with autopilot features. Many a summer Hollywood blockbuster […]


GEO Jobe Vanderbilt University Case Study

Vanderbilt University: Landscape Planning with UAV Tech

Tree Canopy Classification – Vanderbilt University Campus Nashville Quantifying tree canopy cover across expansive areas has historically been a time-consuming endeavor, often reliant on labor-intensive field surveys or manually analyzing traditional aerial imagery. Such methods are not only cumbersome but also prone to error. Through the innovative application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, significant […]


Digital Storytelling With StoryMaps

Stories are powerful; they can advocate for change, influence opinion, and create awareness. ArcGIS StoryMaps are web-based applications that allow you to tell your story by integrating maps, data, pictures, videos, and other media in one place. StoryMaps are my favorite ArcGIS product due to their versatility and ability to augment storytelling through the addition […]