Why “Drone” Is a Dirty Word: The Difference Between Drones and Professional UAV Equipment

Common terms and abbreviations: UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sUAS = small Unmanned Aircraft System (less than 55lbs) RTK = Real Time Kinematic, high accuracy gnss positioning using local controls for correction and validation. GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite System(GPS-United States, BeiDou-China, Galileo-Europe, GLONASS-Russia) Photogrammetry = science and technology of making measurements using photographs. This […]


State of the Drone

Winding down the year is a good time to reflect on the changes, applications, and direction of the small Unmanned Aerial Systems in the mapping industry. This has been another year of rapid and dramatic changes in the drone world. Waivers and authorizations are still big topics. Drone for delivery is creeping into the picture […]


Drones: That Sounds Fun!

“You get to play with drones all day?! That sounds fun! I want your job!” If you are in any subset of the drone industry, you have more than likely heard this at trade shows, conferences, Thanksgiving dinner, or while checking out at Trader Joe’s. (Occasionally the friendly chit-chat actually goes beyond “Oh, good choice! […]


3D Campus Models and Digital Orthophoto Updates, a Must for Facility Managers & Planners

Managers, planners, developers, and security contractors at colleges and universities all over the country are turning to GIS and UAV data collection technology to assist in enabling situational awareness and providing an accurate digital base. Planning and managing a college campus, airport, even a tourist resort is very similar to managing the assets of a […]


Material Holding Yard 3D Model

The UAV Approach – A Valuable Tool Supporting Accurate Data Collection for the Construction Industry

The GEO Jobe UAV team has been busy collecting data for clients in a number of industries, including projects for clients in utilities, local government, facilities, campus planning, and construction. Some of these projects involve working up 3D and point cloud data to perform analysis in 3D to create accurate, high resolution models and conduct […]


jeff lawrence

GEO Jobe Team Spotlight – Meet Jeff Lawrence, sUAS / UAV Business Development

GEO Jobe’s UAV Services Group launched about 2 years ago, expanding our professional services offerings in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flight planning, data analysis, and aerial mapping. The UAV Group provides orthophoto planimetric mapping products, rectified mosaics, digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), and 3D models as well as UAV data hosting & image […]


Seco pole with Trimble GNSS with Catalyst running on Android smartphone

UAV Services Group Shares Our Experience with the Trimble® Catalyst™ software and GNSS receiver service

Recently, our UAV Services Group had the opportunity to trial some mobile mapping technology from Trimble and share the findings via a user review. The technology we selected was the new Trimble® Catalyst™ software and GNSS receiver service, which is designed to provide highly accurate positioning data into a smartphone or tablet.